My team just finished crunched the numbers for 2023. I am thrilled to share the outstanding success Young Voices achieved in the media landscape last year. 

Check it out:

  • In 2023, my team placed a total of 1,762 media hits, reaching a combined audience of over 81 million viewers with free market policy solutions.
  • This comes out to an average of 147 media placements every single month!
  • Dividing our audience by Young Voices’ budget, we achieved a cost-per-view of 2 cents. For context, a good CPV is considered anywhere from 3 to 30 cents. In other words, Young Voices is beating industry standard.
  • The quality of our media hits improved as well. Our Tier 1 media hits (for outlets with over 30 million monthly visitors) more than doubled from 53 to 112.
  • Many of these Tier 1 outlets were repeat customers. Young Voices’ writers appeared in the Wall Street Journal 8x, USA Today 5x, Newsweek 9x, and The Hill a whopping 20x in 2023.
  • Finally, a full 47% of our placements were for center and left-of-center media outlets, spreading the message of liberty to new audiences. 

My team and I are looking forward to building on these successes in the months to come.  Here’s to another year of impactful media engagements!


Aaron Andrews

Director of Content

Young Voices

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