The emergence of the podcasting medium as one of the most energetic and influential spaces in media took most of the world by surprise. But not us at Young Voices! That’s why in 2019 we launched the Podcast Accelerator program in partnership with the Atlas Network, with the expressed mission of increasing the reach of rising voices for liberty around the world by way of podcasting. Our first-class of participants have just concluded their time in the accelerator, and a new batch of creators are starting their journey this week.

First, we proudly have graduated: 

Christian Watson, now host of Pensive Politics, available both as a podcast and YouTube show. Christian has wowed all of us with his drive and passion for expressing himself on the airwaves, attracting guests such as  Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leader Joshua Wong, Ayn Rand Institute Chairman Yaron Brook, Larry Reed of FEE and Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgenson. 

Amanda Kieffer, now co-host and producer of the Forgotten America podcast by the Cardinal Institute, set to debut in the coming weeks.

Alex Pilkington, host of the Knowledge Problem podcast, a debate show focused on getting the best arguments on important issues of the day out into the open.

Emilio Garcia, host of Taxed & Wasted, a product of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance joined the program to improve the quality of their podcast and break into the video format. They have successfully added the video component to the show and it looks & sounds great. Subscriber numbers are rising and ATA is excited about the future of their mixed-media endeavors.


In the next class of Accelerator participants starting this week, we are proud to welcome: 

  Grauben Lara        Kenny Xu            Aaron White         Jorge Gonzalez       Hannah Cox

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