Young Voices is thrilled to welcome our largest intern class to date for the summer, with four students and a recent graduate assisting our editorial, public relations, and development staff. Summer 2019 also marks the first time that Young Voices is hosting interns from The Fund for American Studies’ programs and the first time Young Voices is sponsoring an intern on our own. Meet the class!

Eric Quintinar, editorial
University of California, Davis , history
Young Voices intern
“I’m very excited to collaborate with other liberty-minded people this summer. It’s a great opportunity to improve my opinion writing and editing, and I hope to come out of this with a stronger understanding of how a professional editorial team works together.”

Kennedy Parkins, public relations
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, public relations
The Fund for American Studies intern
“I am excited to contact and interact with news media outlets in DC! This will be an excellent opportunity to help young writers while engaging in the public relations realm.”


Tereza Matoušová, public relations
Charles University (Czech Republic), public relations
The Fund for American Studies intern
“I hope that I can broaden my horizons especially in the field of marketing communication and public relations for nonprofit organizations during this summer. I am also looking forward to getting the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in a practical and useful way.”

Owen Mason, development
University of Rochester, economics
Koch Internship Program
“I am thrilled to be working for Young Voices this summer to develop my skills in fundraising and general communications. Taking part in a cohesive work environment will be a very helpful experience to start my professional career while having fun and forming new relationships and connections in the process”.