Attention, students! Young Voices has two opportunities this fall for high school and college students in the United States. Check ’em out!

Free to Speak Op-ed Campaign

With FIRE’s recent update of their College Free Speech Rankings, Young Voices is partnering with the Free to Choose Network to publicize college students’ perspective on how they would change their school’s oppressive speech codes.

Our campaign runs from August 28th until December 1st, open to all students who attend institutions rated “yellow” and “red” on FIRE’s speech ranking. Our editorial team will work to pitch these submissions for publication in student newspapers and potentially on state newspapers. Each student submission that gets published will receive a monetary prize for their work!

Dissident Project National High School Essay Contest

Young Voices’ Dissident Project also launched its first National Essay Contest this week. This competition is open to high schoolers who answer, in essay form, one of six prompts related to freedom. With three reputable judges, Dissident Project will award the winning student with a scholarship of up to $3,000 and a position on their Student Advisory Board!

Our dedicated editorial team at Young Voices will also assist these students in refining their writing skills. The Dissident Project aims to help the winner have their piece published in a reputable publication, which will not only help their careers, but their stand for freedom.


Nick Ortiz

Brand Manager

Young Voices

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