Stephen Kent is a political writer, TV commentator, and podcaster best known for the Beltway Banthas podcast

Stephen Kent


About Stephen Kent

Stephen Kent the host of Right Now with Stephen Kent, a libertarian YouTube show on the Rightly network by Al Jazeera, and the creator of the Beltway Banthas Star Wars & politics podcas. He is a contributor to the Washington Examiner and has been featured in USA Today, The Federalist, Vanity Fair, The Daily Beast, Vox, and the Washington Post for entertainment and political news stories, and has been a guest on Fox Business, and the Glenn Beck Program. Stephen spent 4.5 years as the spokesperson for Young Voices and built out the Public Relations capability for the organization after coming on board in 2017. He lives in Manassas, VA with his family and is currently promoting his debut book, How The Force Can Fix The World: Lessons on Life, Liberty, and Happiness from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

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