Young Voices offers our contributors the opportunity to take a deep-dive on issues that they’re passionate about, aided by resources and mentorship we receive from our partner organizations. Young Voices currently has four active policy campaigns on state policy, consumer freedom, technology and energy & environment. Each media hit is the expressed opinion of the author alone (see our Code of Ethics). This page will be updated periodically with relevant media hits.

State Policy

Many key policy decisions are made at the state level. From education to the economy, state policy has a significant impact on the everyday lives of citizens. Young Voices writers are exploring these vital local, municipal, and state developments.

Supreme Court case could change education landscape in Michigan

The Detroit News
by Rachel Chiu

California can get it right on rooftop solar

Orange County Register
by Jakob Puckett

Consumer Choice

Special interests regularly lobby governments to restrict consumer freedom to big business’ benefit with little opposition. Young Voices is aiming to change that by standing up for freedom on issues like vaping.

The FDA’s Anti-competitive E-Cigarette Restrictions Are a Small Business Killer

National Interest
By Rachel Chiu

Let’s not copy New Zealand’s mistake with ciggies

The Spectator Australia

By Damon Miles

Yes, Tobacco Harms. But Banning Vaping Harms More

Inside Sources
By Elisa Serafini

Another shot in the war on vaping

Times & Democrat, SC

by Jason Reed

Tobacco Taxes Target the Poor. Burn 'Em.

RealClear Policy

By Sean-Michael Pigeon

Scientists Should Continue to Collaborate with Big Tobacco

International Policy Digest

By Jason Reed

Technology & Innovation

For three decades, the internet has thrived because of American lawmakers’ light-touch approach to regulation. But recently, Beltway politicians on both the left and right have been seeking to change this winning formula with proposals to regulate Big Tech like a public utility. Young Voices is pushing back. From overzealous content moderation to calls to break up ‘monopolies’ which would do much more harm than good, Young Voices is promoting a common-sense approach to tech policy which puts the consumer first.

In 2022, Young Voices is placing an additional spotlight on a specific area of tech policy. Regulatory sandboxes are a pioneering policy idea which provides a red tape-free bubble for certain companies top do business free of much of the regulation which would otherwise hold them down,. Regulatory sandboxes offer a boost to innovation and the free market. top do business free of much of the regulation which would otherwise hold them down. Regulatory sandboxes offer a boost to innovation and the free market. and Young Voices is drawing attention to the potential benefits.

Shifting Sands In The Tech Sector


By Andy Jung

Washington Is Trying to Muck Up the Tech Market’s Consumer Protections

American Spectator
By David McGarry

How This One Simple Experiment Can Transform Every Policy Area – From Finance to Transport

By Jason Reed

Families Should Decide Children’s’ Online Lives

Center Square

By Eric Peterson

Congress Is Fighting With Itself in Regulating Big Tech

The Dispatch

By Kir Nuthi

Censoring Online Content Is A Slippery Slope For Free Speech

RealClear Policy

By Jason Reed

Energy & Environment

Protecting our environment and meeting our energy needs are critical issues in need of common sense and pro-market solutions. Young Voices is amplifying thoughtful perspectives on this important conversation.

Elon Is Right: Nuclear Is The Answer

American Spectator

By Chris Barnard

Free Market Reforms Can Help Reduce GHG Emissions Faster

by Jakob Puckett

It’s Time to Increase Domestic Energy Production

by Kat Dwyer

America’s Clean Energy Stalwarts Are Finally Getting the Attention They Deserve

Build Back Better Will Fail to Reach Climate Goals

by Jeff Luse

Market Innovations Make Nuclear An Energy Crisis Solution

by Roy Mathews

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