Young Voices offers our contributors the opportunity to take a deep-dive on issues that they’re passionate about, aided by resources and mentorship we receive from our partner organizations.

Young Voices currently has three active policy campaigns on school choice, consumer freedom, and technology. Each media hit is the expressed opinion of the author alone (see our Code of Ethics). This page will be updated periodically with relevant media hits.

School Choice

Despite decades of federal interventions and trillions of taxpayer dollars spent, the U.S. is still falling behind the rest of the industrialized world in K-12 education. It doesn’t have to be like this. States and localities have taken charge in giving children new educational opportunities through school choice options (e.g. charter schools, voucher programs, educational savings accounts).

School Choice Combats Mental Health Problems

Chalkboard Review
by Cooper Conway

Recapturing the American Dream Means Unlocking Public School Choice

The American Spectator
by Satya Marar

School Choice in the Time of COVID

The American Spectator
by Christian Barnard

It’s Time to Put Power back in the Hands of Parents

Chalkboard Review
by Satya Marar

School Choice benefits everyone, including public school teachers

The Detroit News
by Cooper Conway

Consumer Freedom

Special interests regularly lobby governments to restrict consumer freedom to big business’ benefit with little opposition. Young Voices is aiming to change that by standing up for freedom on issues like vaping and tort reform.

Overreactions and Tunnel Vision: Why Americans Should Think Twice About More E-Cigarette Flavor Bans

The Bend Bulletin
by Tanner Aliff

Flavor Bans Won’t Fight Tobacco Or Improve Health

Connecticut Post
by Satya Marar

Let Them Vape Cake

Free the People
by Emilie Dye

Technology & Innovation

For three decades, the internet has thrived because of American lawmakers’ light-touch approach to regulation. But recently, Beltway politicians on both the left and right have been seeking to change this winning formula with proposals to regulate Big Tech like a public utility. Young Voices is pushing back.

Facebook, Australia and the pitfalls of online regulation

The Article:
by Jason Reed

Opinion: Worried about Censorship…

Detroit News
by Shaun Cammack

The Problem with Parler’s Antitrust Politics

Real Clear Policy
by Eric Peterson

Section 230 Let Tech Fix Content Moderation Issues. Congress Should Respect That

by Luke Ashton

Breaking up Big Tech won’t help free speech

Deseret News
by Sean-Michael Pigeon

Don’t Let the Riots Legitimize Facial Recognition Tech

The American Conservative
by Rachel Chiu

Ditching Section 230 Would Make Free Speech Worse for Wear”

Real Clear Policy
by James Czerniawski & Trace Mitchel

Twitter’s New Fact-Checking Feature Kills Truth

Lone Conservative
by Connor Tomlinson

Bitcoin is the New Gold

by Emilie Dye

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