This week on Moving Forward, the Young Voices radio show, we hear from contributors Felix Hosse, Neetu Arnold, Noah Khogali, and Caden Rosenbaum.

If Germany is the poster child for green energy efforts, it’s safe to say that the kid isn’t doing too well. Felix Hosse explains why Germany’s energy policy is a non-nuclear meltdown.

This has been a year of epic Supreme Court cases and there’s one more case that could make serious waves if the Court were to revisit it. Neetu Arnold describes a novel plan to reduce student debt.

A lot of eyes are fixed on the race to see who will become the next U.K. Prime Minister. Noah Khogali points out what this particular race means for the Scottish independence movement.

Amazon’s recent acquisition of iRobot has a lot of people talking. Caden Rosenbaum says consumers will be winners in the end

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