This week on Moving Forward, the Young Voices radio show, we hear from contributors Andy Jung, Nicholas Anthony and Andrew Donaldson, and director of the Dissident Project, Daniel Di Martino.

There’s no voice like the voice of experience. Daniel Di Martino joins us to discuss Young Voices’ launch of the Dissident Project featuring individuals who have escaped authoritarianism.

The issue of free speech online can be a tricky one to navigate. Andy Jung explains the differences between Section 230 and the First Amendment.

We’re all getting a powerful first-hand lesson in how inflation is diminishing the purchasing power of each dollar. Nicholas Anthony warns that inflation also erodes our financial privacy.

It’s not an easy time to be Joe Biden, as his failures begin to accumulate. However, as Andrew Donaldson explains, Biden has no one to blame but himself.

ABOUT MOVING FORWARD: Young Voices sponsors a weekly radio show for our contributors to discuss pressing policy issues and their latest work. Moving Forward with Young Voices is hosted by Bryan Hyde and broadcasts on Radio St. George 100.3FM (KDXI-LP), a terrestrial radio station in Utah. It is also available to stream as a podcast on over 40 platforms including Podbean, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

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