This week on Moving Forward, the Young Voices radio show, we hear from contributors Elijah Gullett, Scott Cresswell, Danielle Zanzalari and Christopher Schlak.

The current war against vaping is prompting certain lawmakers to pull out all the stops in their quest to protect young people. Elijah Gullett notes that banning vape shops near churches won’t stop kids from vaping.

Electing accountable leaders is a desirable goal. Scott Cresswell says Britain can learn from presidential primaries when it comes to electing party leaders.

The “do something” mentality is very evident in Congress these days. Danielle Zanzalari explains why the passage of the CHIPS Act is not an economically wise thing to do.

Easing our financial pain may not be a high priority for Congress at the moment but there are some things they can do, like repealing tariffs. Christopher Schlak says dependency on China is bad but tariffs are worse.

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