Young Voices has taken on three new interns! They were selected from a very competitive pool of applications and over the next few months, they will work closely with Young Voices staff across our programs and operations.

Maci Weathers is the Young Voices Editorial Intern.

Maci recently completed her junior year at Abilene Christian University. She started out in journalism when she was in high school and then moved on to her college newspaper, The Optimist. Maci was promoted there to managing editor her sophomore year and recently is moving to become Newsletter Editor this fall. Maci also continues to work for an ESPN-quality on-campus TV station, ACUTV run by Hutton Harris. 

Fun Fact: She is very obsessed with reading!  She has over 210 books at home with 100 in storage, bringing the total to 310.

Lizzie Harvey is the Young Voices Public Relations Intern.

Lizzie is a rising senior studying political science and communications. Lizzie has experience with nonprofit administration from her previous political internship work and from her volunteer mission served in Japan and the U.S. She is excited to be working with Young Voices and looking forward to developing her skills in social media management and media relations. 

Fun Fact: Lizzie reported the weather for her local news TV station when she was twelve. 

Elizabeth Feltovic is the Programs Intern for Young Voices.

Elizabeth is currently studying Political Science and English at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She loves to read and is very passionate about helping others within her community find their own passions. Elizabeth has worked with political organizations throughout high school and college, specifically to raise voter rates and promote sustainable practices. She is excited for the opportunity to work with Young Voices to enhance her skills and further the goals of the organization.

Fun Fact: Elizabeth went to the same high school as John F. Kennedy and Ivanka Trump.

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