Since 2017, Young Voices has offered our contributors the opportunity to take a deep-dive on specific issue areas with our policy fellowships, pairing up a cohort of our writers with policy organizations and mentors with the expectation of producing tailored media hits.

Young Voices currently has two active policy fellowships for fall 2020: Openness and Opportunity. A description of each fellowship is below along with media hits highlights from the fellowships. This page will be updated monthly.

Openness Fellowship
With economic warfare in the form of tariffs and strict immigration policy now the norm in the Trump administration, Young Voices is looking to empower voices to stand up for fundamentals like the free flow of goods, people, and ideas in a liberal society. Particularly in the coming months as fears of the coronavirus start to fade, voices for openness will be needed to combat new hysteria around people and goods crossing borders and peacefully trading. This fellowship will be tailored towards national and international outlets, tackling federal policies that impact current and future Americans.


Opportunity Fellowship
The past few months have sparked a national conversation about policing and poverty in low-income and communities of color. Young Voices seeks to be on the forefront, discussing critical reforms in criminal justice and economic mobility to ensure that the American dream is accessible for people of all backgrounds. This fellowship will be tailored towards state and local outlets, with contributors encouraged to find compelling stories of changemakers and reformers in communities across the country.


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