Foreign Policy fellows Jerrod Laber and Zachary Yost join Underscored to review the contents of the Washington Post report on Afghanistan, and the US government’s effort to cover-up the failure of the 18-year war.

Many American’s concerns about the country’s long-standing war on terror were well-founded. In the “Afghanistan Papers,” a 2,000-page collection of numerous interviews with high-level U.S. defense officials by the Washington Post, a disturbing PR effort was uncovered to spin the Afghan war effort into the best light possible, even though leaders at the time knew it was not a winning situation. This, of course, resurrects the age-old question: how can Americans trust their government when things like this occur, and have occurred before? Two generations before me a similar lesson was supposedly learned by the American public about open-ended war, mission creep, government lies and cover-up. Yet, here we are again.


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