Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Young Voices’ contributors have been on the forefront of the policy discussion, commenting on governmental response to the pandemic and suggesting free-market reforms that could make the recovery easier. Below is a running list of our media hits on the topic, updated weekly.

Articles – 87 total

Is Inflation Still A Thing? (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Alexander Salter
West Virginia’s Number One, and This Time It’s for Something Good (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Nickie Deahl
Biden Stimulus Hurts Businesses, One Tax Tweak Can Change That (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Travis Nix
Governors are Playing Favorites with COVID Relief Money. That’s a Problem. (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Sean-Michael Pigeon
Biden’s eviction moratorium is just hurting middle-class landlords like me (TOWNHALL) – Jen Sidorova
Kick the eviction moratorium to the curb (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Abigail Hall
Sprawl Made Los Angeles’ pandemic problem worse, not better (LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS) – Nolan Gray
In New York, Eviction Moratorium Will Hurt Women Landlords Like Me (THE BUFFALO NEWS) – Jen Sidorova 
Nanny Statists Are Using COVID As An Excuse To Put Through Their Damaging Policies (TELEGRAPH) – Jason Reed
In Stimulus Checks, Immigrant Families Receive Much Need Representation (NATIONAL INTEREST) – Samuel Benson
To Increase COVID-19 Vaccination, Don’t Belittle Vaccine Fears (Detroit News) – Laura Williamson
To Compete With China in a Post Pandemic World, The US Must Rely on Its’ Allies (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Hugo Dante
Why Are We Still Using the Word ‘Essential’? (OC REGISTER) – Elise Amez-Droz
COVID Kills, So Does Isolation (OC REGISTER) – Amy Lutz
The Arts Need Saving, But The Government Should Not Decide What’s Worthy (CAP X) – Alice Calder
Offset coronavirus emergency funding with spending cuts (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Michael Rieger
Nationalization Isn’t the Answer To The Coronavirus Crisis (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Daniel Di Martino
Yes, the coronavirus pandemic is scary. But let’s remember to help our neighbors (USA TODAY) – Lexi Hudson
South Korea Proves We Don’t Have to Shut Down the Economy to Curb Coronavirus Transmission (FREE THE PEOPLE) – Chris Harelson
Sorry AOC, COVID-19 is Not an Excuse for Economic Revolution (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – John Kristof
How the Private Sector, Not Government, Can Save the Day in Crisis (TOWNHALL) – James Czerniawski
Big Tech’s key role in fighting the coronavirus outbreak (OC REGISTER) – Ashkhen Kazaryan 
The Coronavirus Shows How Americans Would Suffer Under Real Centralized Planning (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – John Kristof
We Need Carrots, Not Sticks to Combat COVID-19 (FREE THE PEOPLE) – Dan Reynolds
How Big Government Kept Us From Corona Testing (TOWNHALL) – Brenee Goforth
Telemedicine will make us better prepared for the next coronavirus (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Brenee Goforth
Our partisan pandemic (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Nate Hochman
America’s COVID-19 pandemic response requires ‘certificate of need’ (CON) reform  (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Alex Muresianu
What America can teach the European Union about ensuring internet access during the Coronavirus (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – James Czerniawski
Red Tape Allowed COVID-19 to spread (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER) – Jason Prieb
America is an oil and gas superpower  (and then coronavirus and price wars happened) (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Jakob Puckett
Federal Communications Commission helps ensure internet connectivity during COVID-19 crisis (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Patricia Patnode
My grandfather’s long battle against socialism ended by Coronavirus (PANAM POST) – Daniel Di Martino
Why civility is more important than ever in COVID-19 era (The TENNESSEAN) – Alexandra Hudson
Why social norms and etiquette matter during the Coronavirus pandemic (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Lexi Hudson
No, vapers are not at hire risk of catching COVID-19 (SPIKED) – Satyajeet Marar
Congress needs a way to vote remotely so lawmakers can avoid the coronavirus (USA TODAY) – Haley Victory Smith
Refugees are an asset, not a liability, in Germany’s coronavirus fight (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Fiona Harrigan
Even as COVID-19 grips nation, ICE remains ruthless (SUN SENTINEL) – Fiona Harrigan
COVID-19 Proves that Small Government is Better (FREE THE PEOPLE) – Conner Drigotas
Startups Will Be Some of COVID-19’s Hidden Casualties (REAL CLEAR PUBLIC AFFAIRS) – Jacob Bruggeman
This doctor tried to change how American health care is delivered. Then the pandemic hit (USA TODAY) – Lexi Hudson
Why a Federal Sovereign Wealth Fund Could Help With the Coronavirus Pandemic (NATIONAL INTEREST) – James Czernowski & Trace Mitchell
How we can embrace technology to fight coronavirus while protecting privacy rights (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Ashkhen Kazaryan
COVID-19 threw out Joe Biden’s old playbook (OC REGISTER) – Nate Hochman
Yes, We Should Fund the Arts During a Pandemic (AERO) – Tony DiMauro
What will happen to education when COVID-19 pandemic is over? (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Christian Barnard
COVID-19 Proves Health Coverage Isn’t Care (AMERICAN SPECTATOR) – Elise Amez-Droz
Coronavirus could revolutionize the news media (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Stephen Kent
Coronavirus will make America’s cities feel the pressure of pension debt (MARKET WATCH) – Jen Sidorova
COVID-19 health care workers must be protected from predatory lawyers (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Casey Given
Coronavirus may deal the final blow to Social Security and Medicare (MARKETWATCH) – Daniel Di Martino
As Americans’ social distancing fatigue grows, authorities must loosen their control (USA TODAY) – Shaun Cammack
Opinion: Let states lead on COVID-19 liability protections (DETROIT NEWS) – Ross Marchand
Foreign techies are helping America fight the pandemic. We need more of them (DESERET NEWS) – Sam Peak
Slow and safe ways states can bring COVID-19 lockdown to an end (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Daniel Di Martino
Lockdown in Africa – is the treatment worse than the disease? (CAPX) – Alex Hammond
How vaping restrictions undermine COVID-19 fight (WASHINGTON TIMES) – John Kristof
No, Immigrants Aren’t Causing the Coronavirus (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Natalie Dowzicky
Guest opinion: No manners, no mask, no to your money (DESERET NEWS) – Ross Marchand
George Washington’s rules of civility can help us prevent coronavirus’ spread (NEWSWEEK) – Lexi Hudson
As coronavirus threatens meat supply, we should embrace healthier alternatives (USA TODAY) – Yusuf Mahmood
Why Policymakers Are Wrong to Use the Coronavirus Crisis to Ban Vaping (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Jacob Rich
Beware of Big Brother’s COVID-19 surveillance grabs (WASHINGTON TIMES) – James Czerniawski
As coronavirus ravages communities, grassroots innovators step up to help (USA TODAY) – Lexi Hudson
Slow and safe ways states can bring COVID-19 lockdown to an end (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Daniel Di Martino
The economics of a pandemic (ARC DIGITAL) – Alex Muresianu
Pandemic Could Spur Much Needed Change in Education (TOWNHALL) – Janson Prieb
Lockdowns Have Crushed Small Businesses. Credit Unions Can Provide Aid—If We Let Them (FEE) – John Kristof
Column: COVID-19 reveals weaknesses in administrating health care (COLUMBUS DISPATCH) – Chris Harelson
How Africa can bounce back from Covid-19 (1828) – Alex Hammond
This Pandemic Is Not Homeschooling’s Moment (AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH) – Fiona Harrigan
Economic Pain of COVID-19 Increases Need for School Finance Reform (REASON FOUNDATION) – Christian Barnard
What Congress should do instead of passing another bloated ‘stimulus’ bill (THE WASHINGTON TIMES) – Brad Polumbo
Millions Flee The Cities, But Will They Ever Return? (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Alice Calder
People Are Right to Be Skeptical of Experts. That’s Why We Need More of Them (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – James Czerniawski
All We’re Left With is School Choice (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Anastasiia Rusanova
The small-government solution to healthcare for laid-off workers is simple (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Tanner Aliff
Even During a Crisis, Every Child Deserves Access to a Quality Education (PROJECT FOREVER FREE) – Christian Barnard
Gig economy companies need freedom to shield their workers from COVID-19 (DETROIT NEWS) – JJ Rich
FDA must not overregulate COVID-19 vaccine approval, millions of lives depend on (THE WASHINGTON TIMES) – Ross Marchand
Mental health is the elephant in pandemic-era classrooms (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER) – Amy Lutz
No, The Russians Aren’t About to Win the Coronavirus Vaccine Race (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Anastasiia Rusanova
Cruz’s New Bill Provides the Economic Recovery Americans Need (TOWNHALL) – Travis Nix
Fiscal Stimulus is Ineffective. The Fed Requesting It is even Worse. (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Alexander Salter
Tyranny Takes More Live Than Coronavirus (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Emilie Dye
Forget the COVID-19 winter lockdowns– let’s keep going to church (THE WASHINGTON TIMES) – Emma Ayers
Additional COVID-19 stimulus should be reserved for those who need it (DESERET NEWS) – Satya Marar

Broadcast Interviews – 37 total

Elise Amez-Droz on “Essential” and “Non-essential” Labels (The Accad & Koka Report)
Sean-Michael Pigeon on COVID Relief (Moving Forward)
Bradley Polumbo on Biden’s COVID Relief Plan (CBN News)
Bradley Polumbo on Biden’s COVID relief wishlist (FOX 5)
Bradley Polumbo on $2000 stimulus checks (FOX Business)
Alexander Salter on Stimulus Checks (FOX 5)
Alexandra Hudson on COVID and Schooling (FOX 5)
Nolan Gray on Cities after COVID-19 (CHEDDAR)
Dan King on COVID Thanksgiving (FOX 5)
Laura Williamson joins the panel on Business Liability in COVID Times (Moving Forward)
Alexandra Hudson joins the panel on Coronavirus, Super Tuesday and more (FOX 59)
COVID-19 – Details of Three Rounds of Government Stimulus with Ross Marchand (401)
Ross Marchand on the bipartisan stimulus spending in the wake of COVID-19 (NEWSY)
Online Schooling Could Become the New Normal with Fiona Harrigan (FOX 5)
Ashkhen Kazaryan on What is Google doing with your data to curb COVID-19? (NEWSMAX)
Ashkhen Kazaryan on civil liberties & government during Coronavirus (BlazeTV)
COVID-19: A view from the UK & potential impact on global trade with Alexander Hammond (ChannelFMF)
Alexandra Hudson on social norms & social distancing (NEWSMAX)
What you need to know about the CARES Act & taxpayer dollars with Ross Marchand (FOX 5)
The Future of Education and Schooling after COVID-19 with Christian Barnard (NEWSMAX)
Balancing Civil Liberties with Technology to Slow COVID-19 with Ashkhen Kazaryan (FOX 5)
Disney’s COVID-19 Struggle Plays a Large Role in Future Media with Stephen Kent (NEWSY)
How COVID-19 Changes Our Transportation Needs of the Future (CHEDDAR)
Business Owners Need Help Amid Pandemic — Even Those with a Criminal Record with Molly Davis (FOX 5)
How Government Control Affects Us During COVID-19 with Shaun Cammack (Chicago AM560)
Managing Coronavirus and crowds on July 4th weekend with Daniel Di Martino and Michael Starr Hopkins (FOX 5)
Lawyers are about to have a field day with Coronavirus re-openings unless Congress takes action with Jacob Bruggeman(FOX 5)
Young Voices Anthony DiMauro warned about COVID, and now feels like a fool (Chicago AM560)
Why Secretary DeVos Can’t Force School Re-openings with Alexandra Hudson (CBS)
Christos Makridis on local vs national guidance to reopen schools in the fall (FOX 5)
Mass mail-in ballots for the 2020 election will not be simple with Brad Polumbo (FOX 5)
Reopening schools by Washington mandate is not the way to go with Alexandra Hudson (FOX 5)
How Retail & Restaurants in D.C. can bounce back from COVID-19 with Nolan Grey (FOX 5)
How the PRIME Act could fix meat shortages and price inflation during COVID-19 with Tahmineh Dehbozorgi (FOX 5)
Schools reopening & managing COVID-19 with Christian Barnard (FOX 5)
How pandemic reforms can work to teachers’ benefit with Christian Barnard (STEVE GRUBER SHOW)

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