• Young Voices is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote the perspectives of libertarian writers under 30 in the media.
  • The individual opinions of our writers (whom we call “contributors”) as expressed in print and broadcast interviews do not necessarily reflect an official position of Young Voices as an organization.
  • Young Voices is independent and nonpartisan. We are not a subsidiary of or loyal to any political party, company, or nonprofit organization.
  • Young Voices does not accept government funding. We are supported solely by the generosity of private individuals, foundations, and partner organizations.
  • Young Voices does not publicly disclose the name of our donors nor the amount of their gifts per standard nonprofit practice. We do, however, disclose basic financial information in our annual reports to be transparent to our supporters.
  • Young Voices maintains a strict independent editorial policy. Our op-eds are not seen by, sent to, or edited by supporters before they are released. Our partners see our content and outputs at the same time as the general public.
  • Maintaining these standards helps keep Young Voices free of outside influence and ultimately accountable to our contributors and supporters.

Adopted by Young Voices’ Board of Directors on September 21, 2017.

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