Named after the Ancient Greek public space for both markets and assemblies, Young Voices’ Agora Fellowship is a four-month program for writers interested in international development to learn the fundamentals of advocacy. The program kicked off last week with an opening webinar from the Cato Institute’s Marian Tupy. In the next three months, additional trainings will follow on op-ed writing and pitching, social media influencing, and TV/radio opportunities.

Meet the Fellows
Oluwasegun Ajetunmobi is a Master’s student of Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a Local Coordinator at African Student for Liberty. Oluwasegun is passionate about public policy, human rights protection, gender, migration and border discourses.

Mauricio Bento is a graduate of the University of Brasilia currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics. A native of Rio de Janeiro, Mauricio has experience with public policy and economics in Brasilia and Washington, DC. He helped to found SFL Brazil and Novo, the country’s first classical liberal party.

Olanrewaju Elufisan is a writer, filmmaker, trained broadcast journalist, and the co-founder of Ominira TV. He graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta where he studied Plant Science and volunteered for Students for Liberty. Olanrewaju is committed to inspiring change in Africa and in Nigeria by influencing public policies through research and advocacy.

Deborah Bizarria is a Brazilian economics student and Mentorship Associate at Students For Liberty. She also leads Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) chapter in Pernambuco and maintains a blog where she regularly writesMarginal Futility. She is passionate about politics, society, gender issues, and behavioral economics.

Abdulsamod Balogun is an African Liberty Writing Fellow, National Coordinator at Student for Liberty Gambia, and Communications Officer at Social Good Lagos. He is excited about discussions in leadership and economic freedom.