The explosion of the podcasting medium in recent years has been unprecedented for media in terms of audience growth and profitability. It used to be that finding podcast content based on your specific interests was a chore, but no longer! Right now, roughly 26% of Americans listen to podcasts, with traditional radio still representing the bulk of audio consumption. This will change rapidly as podcasting becomes integrated into smarter vehicles and 20-35 year olds rise as the primary driver of market trends. Folks, the podcasting boom has only begun.

But is the message of individual liberty, free markets and an open society thriving in this time of rapid change? Look around and you’ll see it is not. That’s why in partnership with the Atlas Network, Young Voices is excited to announce the launch of our first ever Podcast Accelerator Program. In this boot camp style offering, our staff will review and accept inspired applicants around the country into an incubator program for liberty-minded podcasters, to develop their skills and provide resources to maximize their impact.


Young Voices’ spokesperson, Stephen Kent, is the host of the popular Beltway Banthas Podcast and Underscored. He’ll serve as a consultant, instructor, and connector for members of the Podcast Accelerator Program, as well as¬†developing a list of guest speakers and mentors who also know the ropes of audio production, podcast marketing, and promotion.

Let’s face it. Just about anyone can start a podcast, but what Young Voices brings to the table with this new pilot program is a path to success with your first show. We’re excited to start receiving applications on November 11th, 2019 and continue our work of amplifying the voices of young people everywhere. – Stephen Kent, Young Voices