Are you a young professional looking to jumpstart your career in communications? Young Voices has the prime opportunity for you!

The Young Voices PR Fellowship is a part-time, paid opportunity for young people on the job hunt — whether they’re at the beginning of their career or simply wanting a different gig in public relations. We’re here to help! By the end of their tenure, fellows will be fully equipped to take on a position in public relations or journalism, and we will help with the hiring process by utilizing our broad network (much of which is looking to hire!) in the liberty sphere.

Young Voices will be accepting three fellows who will have the option of receiving training in up to three of our departments:

  • Editorial: Our editorial team is one of the most impressive teams in the country when it comes to editing and pitching op-eds. Aaron Andrews and Molly Kate Listenberger are experts at helping young writers learn the craft of persuasion by distilling thoughts into clear, concise arguments — arguments that show up in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, USAToday, National Review, among others. But that takes work. Fellows in the editorial department will lend a hand in editing, learn the proper way to pitch an editor, keep track of where op-eds are in the placement process, work with contributors, and plenty more. Aaron and Molly Kate will serve as guides through this process, and there are no better teachers. In the end, fellows should be ready to work on their own as editors in any communications, opinion journalism, or PR capacity.
  • Public Relations: Our PR team oversees Young Voices’ broadcast media output (TV, radio and podcasts), our speakers’ bureau, and our online presence (social media, website etc). We regularly host webinars and 1:1 trainings with our contributors and commentators to prepare them for media interviews on a wide range of outlets around the world, including Fox News and the BBC. We help them hone their skills as pundits, prepare them for all kinds of media appearances (interviews, panels, debates, quick 2-minute hits, longer-form in-depth interviews, etc.), personally book them for interviews, and then give them feedback afterwards and clip their hits for online promotion.

    Fellows working in the PR department with Jason Reed and Anders Fahey should be ready to get involved with every facet of the process. From posting on social media to liaising with TV stations on Young Voices’ behalf, and from editing videos for our YouTube channel to collecting data from our media trackers on how many people watched a particular interview featuring a Young Voices representative, fellows will have the opportunity to learn all kinds of new skills and contribute to a wide range of activities during their time with the PR department.
  • General Programs: Our programs staff has a lot on their hands these days. Between frequent in-person events, book tours, fellowships and partnerships, we’re juggling plenty.  Fellows in the programs department can expect to lend a hand with grant-writing, event planning, organization, and everything in between. In coordination with our fundraising and executive staff, fellows will get hands-on experience in what it takes to keep a non-profit going. Tasks will likely differ from day-to-day. It might look like reserving an event venue in the morning, researching donors in the afternoon, and helping host a virtual webinar toward the end of the day. But whatever the daily tasks are, it’s all fun!

Frequently Asked Questions:

HOW LONG IS THE PROGRAM? This program is flexible for the right candidate — we’re interested in what you want to know. That said, we are looking for fellows to commit to a term of three months. During month three, we’ll be in steady talks about future plans, whether with us or another hiring organization! 

HOW MUCH WILL FELLOWS BE PAID? Fellows will receive a stipend of up to $2400 per month (equivalent to $15 per hour). 

WHERE WILL IT TAKE PLACE? We anticipate some candidates will already have jobs, and that’s fine. We just need 15-20 hours a week. Don’t live in DC or NYC? No worries! This fellowship can be entirely virtual for the right candidate. 

This is a great opportunity for the right person. If you‘re that person, apply today! Not sure you’re the right fit, but you know someone else who might be? Please be sure to send them our way!

Click here to apply. The deadline for applications is January 3rd, 2023.

If you have questions about the Young Voices PR Fellowship which are not answered here, please email our Programs Manager Caleb Franz on [email protected]


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