Young Voices is excited to announce the latest program that we offer for members of our network, the Regional Leaders Program!

Over the past few months, Young Voices has worked diligently to build this program out to best spread our influence in communities across the nation. Regional Leaders will serve as representatives for Young Voices in one of five areas across the United States: Northeast, South, Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest.

The idea behind the program is both practical and principled. Localism is a core tenant of liberal values and republican government. Using the tried and true methods that have provided Young Voices with much success over the years will potentially expose an even greater impact on the community level. In this endeavor, we aim to unlock new talent and opportunities as well to launch the organization to new heights. 

In May, we will be bringing these Leaders to San Antonio, Texas for a training and retreat, preparing them to maximize their time in this program. Throughout the rest of the year, Regional Leaders will represent Young Voices in their areas, expand our outreach, and open up more opportunities for contributors than ever before! It’s an exciting time for Young Voices – now let’s introduce you to the Leaders! 

Northeast – Gabriella Hoffman: Gabriella is a freelance media strategist, political columnist, host of the District of Conservation podcast, and award-winning writer. Concurrent with her client work and media endeavors, she’s also a Visiting Fellow with Independent Women’s Forum.

“I’m excited to help expand Young Voices’ reach in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in 2022. I look forward to serving in this expanded role! It’s imperative to pay-it-forward, identify up-and-coming communicators and equip them with opportunities in media—traditional or otherwise.” 

South – Addison Hosner: Addison is a Florida attorney and champion of civil liberties and respectful political discourse. He attended Florida Atlantic University for undergraduate studies and completed his Juris Doctor alongside two Masters of Science at Creighton University School of Law. He believes in the art of objectivity and tackles each challenge with curiosity, understanding, and honesty.

“Young Voices can provide a young professional with the opportunities to really kickstart their endeavors within the sphere of public policy. As a Regional Leader, I am thrilled to be able to assist with that process and continue being a part of this fantastic organization.”

Midwest – Patricia Patnode: Patricia is from Waterloo, Iowa and is an alumni of Loras College in Dubuque. Patricia has worked on various political campaigns and other volunteer work throughout her home state. Currently, she is a columnist for The Cedar Rapids Gazette focusing on pop culture and utility issues. Patricia also coaches figure skating on the side.

“I’m excited to help connect students and young scholars in the midwest with the educational and publication resources that can otherwise be very tricky and confusing to navigate without a LOT of institutional knowledge. Great leaders and writers come from everywhere, from community colleges to Ivy League universities to high school dropouts. Everyone has an equal opportunity to improve their corner of America a little bit.”

Northwest – Sarah Montalbano: Sarah is a Young Voices Commentator and Research Associate at Alaska Policy Forum. She is concluding her B.S. in computer science with minors in economics and data science from Montana State University. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Examiner, and The American Spectator.

“I am thrilled to help grow Young Voices in the Northwest. Influencing policy and culture debates on the local level is incredibly important, and growing connections with think tanks and media outlets will be crucial to that mission. I look forward to recruiting and pitching young talent in my region!”

Southwest – Aaron White: Aaron Lloyd White is a graduate from Tel Aviv University’s Porter School of Environmental Studies. He currently works as  the Director of Individual Giving for the Forward. In his spare time, Aaron can be found translating Yiddish prose, writing, or making woodcuts.

“Having followed Young Voices since its inception, I am excited to contribute to this next chapter of its growth and to meet both familiar and future peers. The increasing quality and candor of the Young Voices contributors has been astounding and their work will continue to help shape public discourse over the course of our lives.”

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