LISTEN: “Moving Forward” with guests: Brad Polumbo, Jakob Puckett, Alex Salter and Shaun Cammack

How politics became a spectator death sport, and the narratives forming around the election results – Shaun Cammack, the future of electricity markets and how to inject competition and lower prices – Jakob Puckett, corruption and cronyism within the COVID-19 stimulus negotiations – Brad Polumbo, and SpaceX and the future of innovation in the stars – Alex Salter

Young Voices launches radio show with the Fed by Ravens network

On Tuesday, Oct 13th  @ 1 PM EST Young Voices is launching a LIVE radio program and podcast series called “Moving Forward” with Young Voices with the Fed By Ravens audio network, helmed by Utah talk radio personalities and entrepreneurs Bryan Hyde and Joe Kerry. The show will air live on KTALK, KDXU, and KYAH across Utah and then will be released in packaged podcasts for subscribers.

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