Jared Crawford

United States


Areas of interest:

Consumer Freedom | Civil Liberties | Taxes & Regulations


Jared Crawford is a Senior Account Executive at RunSwitch PR. A native of Massachusetts, Jared moved to Kentucky in early 2017 to help grow Pegasus Institute, a public policy think-tank. Jared oversaw all social media channels, creative design, and media outreach. He started, hosted, and produced the Pegasus Podcast, a weekly show that has run for over 170 episodes. He is also the producer of the Flyover Country Podcast with Scott Jennings and the Voices Podcast, a collaboration between Pegasus Institute and Christopher 2X’s Game Changers organization.

Jared is a graduate of the Heritage Foundation’s 2021 Communicating for Impact Fellowship. He is also a member of the Leadership Network of the Third Millennial Cohort with the American Enterprise Institute.

Latest Media Appearances and Published Works

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