Elisa Serafini

Milan, Italy


Areas of interest:

Tech & Innovation

Elisa Serafini is an Italian activist, whistleblower, journalist, and former manager.

She is the President and founder of Forum Economia Innovazione a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote transparency and efficiency in Italian public administrations with the use of technology and open innovation.

She has served as Deputy Mayor in the city of Genoa, she exposed local corruption with a public report, which led to the activation of a judicial investigation. She is the author of the book “Fuori dal Comune”.

As a journalist, she investigated conflicts of interest and lack of transparency among policy-driven processes.

Prior to that, she worked for Uber, Glovo, and other startups and companies in the tech industry.

Elisa holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations and an MS in International Business, with study experience in Italy and in the US.

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