Amelia Irvine

Washington, D.C.


Areas of interest:

Taxes & Regulations | Tech & Innovation | Religious Liberty


Amelia Irvine is a contributor for Young Voices, and her work has appeared in USA Today, The Federalist, and National Review. She currently works for AEI Ideas, the policy blog for the American Enterprise Institute. Amelia studies economics and government at Georgetown University, where she is writing an honors thesis on how social welfare spending affects religiosity. Her pro-life and pro-family advocacy on campus earned her the 2018 Living the Arete Life award from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

She received Young Voices’ 2018 Campus Pundit Award for an opinion piece defending gun rights on campus. She has worked for USA Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability, Jamestown Associates, and Congressman David Schweikert. Amelia hails from sunny Phoenix, Arizona and directed a congressional campaign in AZ-01 in the summer of 2016.