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Akash Kumar recently graduated from IIT Madras with an Integrated MA in Development Studies. He works as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Locale.ai, a location analytics startup. He led academic programs at Students for Liberty in South Asia for two years and is currently the co-founder of Fellowship for Freedom in India. 

Born and brought up a stone’s throw away from George Orwell’s birthplace in Bihar, one of the poorest states in India, Akash claims to have inherited his skepticism of authority and concern for the poor but not his democratic socialism. Akash was introduced to libertarianism when he was gifted a copy of Ayn Rand’s Anthem by his teacher while on a high school exchange in Mesa, Arizona. Today, he finds his views closer to that of the State Capacity Libertarians. This view comes from his passion for contextualizing the liberty movement to suit the realities of South Asia where the state capacity remains low and the state authority high.

Akash has been published in three of India’s leading daily newspapers, Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald and Jansatta. He co-hosts the Arth Unearth fortnightly podcast that deconstructs themes from movies and TV shows to discuss the economics, politics, and science behind it.

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