The Young Voices Contributor Program lasts six months. During that time, contributors join the Young Voices community, learn the basic skills required to write op-eds and conduct media interviews, and make their start as political commentators by earning their first few published bylines and their first broadcast media appearance.

When that six-month period ends, they graduate from the Contributor Program and join the Young Voices alumni network. Alumni are eligible to apply to rejoin Young Voices through Tracks.

There is no limit to the number of Tracks an alumnus may apply to. In fact, many of Young Voices’ most successful contributors went on to join multiple Tracks simultaneously. As of the Fall 2022 class, there are three Tracks:

  1. Writer Track

The Writer Track is for those contributors who excelled themselves with their op-ed writing. Young Voices’ editorial team will continue editing their articles, and will begin to teach them to self-pitch to outlets. Like new contributors, participants in the Writers’ Track are expected to submit at least one op-ed draft to the editors per month.

  1. Commentator Track

Those who join the Commentator Track work with Young Voices’ PR team on broadcast media. Young Voices trains and mentors Commentators to improve their performance in media interviews and helps them achieve their career goals by acting as their agent and pitching them to TV, radio and podcasts.

  1. Speaker Track

Formerly known as the Speakers Bureau, the Speaker Track, also run by Young Voices PR team, aims to lift up a new generation of public speakers. Participants are trained in public speaking skills and booked for speaking engagements with student groups, think tanks and others.

    For more information about Young Voices’ Advanced Tracks, email [email protected].




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