Today, there are more avenues to create content than there ever has been. This golden age of content creation has made it easier than ever to break into the media. It also means that the competition is that much more stiff! In order to survive in these uncharted waters, you can’t just have a good idea – you have to be able to execute it well. You need to know how to prepare your program, create your content, and grow your audience in a meaningful way. Right now, roughly 55% of American consumers report listening to podcasts, and the numbers for YouTube are far greater.

Fortunately, Young Voices is here to help you navigate the waters of content creation and media disruption! The Young Voices Accelerator Program provides you with an all encompassing training program that will provide you with the tools you need to break out in this industry. No matter if you are into Podcasting, YouTube, Twitch, or some other form of content creation, we want to help you find your calling and execute it with success!

In this six-month, boot camp-style program, our team will review and accept inspired applicants around the world into this incubator program for liberty-minded creators to develop their skills and provide resources to maximize impact.

Applications are open to people of all ages and experiences. You can pitch us a new show or work with us to improve your existing one. Accepted applicants will be required to watch a short webinar about the nuts and bolts of podcasting and promotion. Upon completion, Young Voices will mail a creator startup kit (webcam, mic, lighting) to help you with your equipment needs. From there, applicants will have monthly one-on-one mentorship calls with a professional mentor and attend exclusive conference calls with successful creators.

Applications are now open through November 30th. Got a question? Email


Starting a podcast or other kind of programming is not difficult. But building an audience, finding your voice, and growing your platform – that takes SKILL. The most important thing that over six years of podcasting experience between two programs has taught me: there is no substitute for preparation. Understanding exactly what you need to do to prepare for success is what you should expect from this program.

 Caleb Franz, Young Voices Program Manager and host of Profiles in Liberty 

Past participants of the program include:

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