The second Podcast Accelerator is underway! Our awesome class of aspiring podcasters are working busily on their podcast/vodcast projects and many are already knee-deep in the process, churning out episodes and honing their craft as presenters. The hardest part of podcasting is achieving liftoff and crafting a presentable product for the public, after that it is upkeep. We’d love if you’d check out some of the great podcasts coming out of the Accelerator that live right now!


Your intellectual euro-trip in podcast form, with co-hosts Jorge González-Gallarza and François Valentin. Through interviews and analysis, Uncommon Decency will seek to engage with the freshest thinking on European issues. Get in touch at @UnDecencyPod or


Zocalo: a public square or plaza. Tocayo: namesake; a person or thing that has the same name as another. Zocayo: a meeting space for discussion, in which we all share the same name: human. Everyone has a story — what are you doing with yours? Join Grauben Lara as he explores the world through the unique missions of diverse activists, speakers, and artists. Their stories have shaped their views, can understanding them help shape ours?


A podcast that deconstructs themes from movies and TV shows to discuss the economics, politics and science behind it. Hosted by Akash and Ruchir, both final year students at IIT Madras. New episodes every two weeks. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @ArthUnearth.


How do you know what to think unless you are told? Sadly, most people don’t and are left to rely on biased news sources, political parties, and their social media peers. Libertarian-Conservative Commentator Hannah Cox has had enough. Join her as she works through major issues facing our society and walks listeners back through the root causes of problems. Along the way you’ll learn economics, history, public policy, sociology, and other foundational principles.

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