We live in an age of media disruption. In the past, social change was defined by white papers, a trusted press, and so-called “objective” experts. Today, it’s defined by eyeballs, clicks, and online influencers. The internet is the great equalizer in the marketplace of ideas.

This is an exciting time to be a young writer. It has never been easier for an upstart with a little talent and a lot of willpower to make a name for himself. Yet, this brave new world of information also presents a number of challenges for a rookie. As journalism falls to the wayside, it is critical to become learned in its timeless ethics and practices. As the broadcast world expands to seemingly endless channels, it’s important to have relationships with bookers and mentors.

That’s where Young Voices comes in, providing fledgling writers with the guidance needed to succeed during the most critical years of their early career. We do so by acting as a copy editor, agent, and mentor to a roster of pro-liberty writers through our cornerstone Contributors Program. Our network generates 50+ commentaries in print, online, TV, and radio every single month. On top of our public relations capabilities, our writers have exclusive access to continuing education opportunities through our program, including training and mentorship from top think tank scholars. In short, Young Voices is a one-stop-shop for aspiring intellectuals to build their brand and develop their expertise as advocates for market solutions.

Who We’ve Helped

Since our start in 2013, Young Voices has seen nearly 300 young writers go through our program. Our list of alumni includes current editors, managers, and scholars at organizations like The Washington Examiner, Reason Foundation, and White House Council of Economic Advisers. Below are a few quotes from Young Voices’ alumni describing the impact we’ve had on their career.

I was hired as an assistant editor at The National interest on the strength of my experiences, especially my articles and TV appearances through Young Voices. If it weren’t for doors Young Voices opened, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

John Dale Grover
Assistant Editor, The National Interest

In two years I went from being an obscure voice writing on a personal blog to a recognized voice regularly publishing on some of the most respectful outlets in my field. This was made possible by Young Voices. From the editorial guidance to the pitching and networking, being in Young Voices has been one of the most enriching experiences of my professional career.

Nolan Gray
City Planner, New York City

Being an Advocate for Young Voices helped to shape my talents and my confidence. Whether it was getting advice for public appearances or shaping idea for a piece Young Voices was part of that process. They helped me to hone my craft and develop myself into a successful voice for the liberty movement.

Kaytee Moyer
Chief of Staff, Rep. Greg Rothman’s Office, PA House

Young Voices is a key resource for young journalists and policy professionals looking to make their voices heard. Writing well and building relationships with editors are invaluable career tools that employers rarely teach upfront. Young Voices can help young professionals cultivate these skills much faster. My relationship with Young Voices helped me gain a wider audience for my policy work, build up a healthy list of bylines and ultimately become a columnist. Involvement in this program would be foolish for anyone to pass up.

Tyler Koteskey
Education Policy Analyst, Reason Foundation

Young Voices provides an invaluable service to young journalists and policy analysts. The media arms at most organizations have their hands full promoting their senior writers, which leaves the with little time to push out young professionals’ work. The staff at Young Voices helped me place op-eds, book radio shows, and make connections with editors. I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

Jared Meyer
Senior Research Fellow, Foundation for Government Acountability

Young Voices was essential in kicksarting my journalism career. From developing my writing skills to the extra exposure, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Young Voices.

Jason Russell
Contributors Editor, The Washington Examiner

I graduated college with many ideas on how to advance economic freedom and individual liberty in Africa but struggled to find my voice. Young Voices gave me that. Now I can better blend my academic writing skills with the journalistic style learned through the amazing editors at YV for my daily work.

Ibrahim Anoba
Managing Editor, Students for Liberty-Africa

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