For the past two years, Young Voices has given away an annual award to one contributor we feel demonstrates excellence in pro-liberty advocacy. Today, I am pleased to announce the 2020 Young Voices Awards — yes, you read that right, plural!

This year, we are expanding our ceremony to include a grand total of three awards to be given away to both current contributors and alumni. The nominees were submitted by Young Voices’ current writers and alumni then selected by staff. The winner for each award will be chosen by a professional panel of judges in journalism: Robby Soave (Senior Editor, Reason), Sal Rodriguez (Opinion Editor, Orange County Register), and Bryan Hyde (Host, Loving Liberty with Bryan Hyde).

The nominees for the 2020 Young Voices Awards are…

Alumnus Award
$250 award with plaque recognizing an alumnus for successfully using skills honed at Young Voices to advance his or her career and promote the ideas of liberty.

Impact Award
$250 award with plaque recognizing a current contributor for producing a media hit through Young Voices that made a notable impact on policy discussions
Young Voices Award
$1,000 award with trophy recognizing a current contributor for excellence in pro-liberty advocacy
 2020 Young Voices Awards
Tuesday, September 22nd
1 – 1:30 PM ET
Register via Zoom

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